On March 25 the Vintage Veenendaal guitar fair was held in De Basiliek te Veenendaal. A wonderful, stylish location, but with a relaxing and layed-down atmosphere. Loads of people were waiting at the entrance for the show to open, trying to get in first hoping to make the first and best deals. It turned out to be a very busy day!!

De Basiliek was loaded with guitars, amps, effects, parts, CDs, books, picks and much more. With almost 90 exhibitors from Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Sweden and of course The Netherlands, the Vintage Veenendaal show truthfully is Europe's largest vintage guitar show.

As usual, the focus was on vintage instruments, both electric as well as acoustic, but next to vintage quite a number of new(er) guitars, amps and other products were exhibited as well. Even very rare instruments could be found, in all price categories. Otherwise the show is very much a place where you meet your 'old' guitar mates and where you can talk all day long about guitars and everything that has to do with (old) guitars.

It is not uncommon to see a number of well-known guitarists/ musicians at Vintage Veenendaal. Leif de Leeuw, Britt Janssen (both from 'De Leif de Leeuw Band') performed together with Sonny Hunt (USA). Sonny is a Blues-Rock guitarist with excellent technical skills which he showed at Vintage Veenendaal's 'Open Stage'. Last year, Leif de Leeuw was awarded the Best Blues(rock) Guitarist of the Benelux! It was a true pleasure listening to these 3 guitar masters. The girls from Luminize, sponsored by Max Guitar, performed twice at the ’Open Stage’ and the jazz/blues trio Walter van Zijl, Ko Kantorowitz and Richard Keizer showed their best. Brian Sydney demo'ed his slide guitar and CMW amps demo'ed their guitar amps. A busy program with the Open Stage being occupied during the whole day!

According to the experts, a lot of highly interesting vintage guitars were exhibited at the show. Jean-Francois Huiban (FR) had a 1929 Martin 2-17 with him. Ulli Hausmanns (DE) showed a beautiful series Artur Lang jazz guitars. London Vintage Guitars exhibited a magical 1970 Zemaitis Acoustic with handwritten letters from Tony Zemaitis himself. Anders Anderson (SE) brought a Gretsch model 6120 from 1958, as well as a beautiful stratocaster from 1964 in Candy Apple Red. Woodstock Guitars (DK) had a huge booth with among others a 100% original Stratocaster from 1955, a 50's Kay Barney Kessel, a 1968 Gibson SG and an Epihpone Coronet from 1964. David Treloar (UK) had a very rare Gibson L4 from the first prodcution year 1912 in his booth, but also a Washburn Parlour guitar from 1895. Vintage Guitars France (Benoit Debroize) brought a lot of wonderful guitars lika a Gretsch 6120 from 1962, a Gibson ES-175 from 1952, a blond Guild X50 from 1956 and a super unique Knutsen Convertible from 1909! Vintage at its best! Too much to mention!. But next to vintage guitars, a whole range of new(er) guitars were exhbitied as well, like among others at the booths of Elferink Guitars, Panucci Guitars, Tree of Life guitars and Heeres Gitaarbouw. License plate guitars were available at the Gumbo Guitars booth, where you could find a new product: the fretted 4-string, hand-crafted license plate guitar.

At the ‘Photo Gallery’ page you will find a link to our webalbum with almost 400 pictures!! Feel free to take a look, it is definitely worth it! Please also click here for a 10 min video impression of the show, by Peter Aerts.

Besides the fact that the 2 exhibition halls were fully packed with guitars and amps, many visitors also brought their own private guitars to the show. Often to have them valued and/or put them up for sale. A separate room, the 'Guitar Market', was made available for visitors to exhibit their own guitar (max 1pp) or put it up for sale, free of cost! There were quite a number of very fine guitars exhibited at the Guitar Market. The webalbum also shows you which guitars the visitors to Vintage Veenendaal exhibited during the show.

Two Vintage Veenendaal Cups were handed out towards the end of the show : one for the ’Most Authentic Vintage’ guitar of the show, and one for the ’Most Bizarre’ guitar. The jury members were Frans Overkleeft (NL) from The Guitar Farm and Stratos Pergamalis (DE). De Cup for the Most Bizarre guitar of the show went to the American Guitar Store, for their 'Meatloaf' Paul Crook guitar, which they bought in the USA. As for the Cup for the Most Authentic Vintage guitar: it was clear that this time the Cup would go to a bass guitar, but there was quite some discussion on which one. Second came a Precision Bass from Woodstock Guitars from Denmark, but the Cup for the Most Authentic Vintage guitar was eventually won by Edwin Huik from Bass Connection for his 1958 Fender Precision Bass!

A number of years ago, Edwin had made up his mind and wanted to go for a totally original, first owner, 1958 Fender Precision Bass, in 2-tone Sunburst. According to Edwin this was looking for half a needle in 3 haystacks! But he did not give up and after 'only' 10 years of searching he was able to end his quest with the purchase of this beautful and rare 1958 Precision. A few years ago, Edwin organized together with guitar magazine The Bassist, a Precision Bass meeting where Edwin together with his bass mates Jan Hollestelle, Herman Deinum, Manuel Hugasen and Willem Huetink played all their Precision basses built between 1953 and 1979. At that meeting, Edwin's 1958 Precision Bass was named the 'Holy Grail'. Thus, winning the Vintage Veenendaal Cup was an additional confirmation of the feeling Edwin has always had for this special bass guitar. Congratulations Edwin!

During the lottery a range of prices were offered to the visitors to the show, sponsored by Dirk Witte Music Store, North End, Papa's Plectrums and Vintage Guitar Show Veenendaal. After most visitors had dropped their lottery ticket in the ticketbox, the winners were announced. And the winners were:

            • Ibanez electrical guitar, jumpstart package: Ankie Wesselingh
            • Set of strings and picks: Harry Herfst and R. Mertens
            • Fender Clip-on chromatic Tuner: Zoltan Bangyorgyi and Wessel Pranger
            • Ibanez/Gibson T-shirts: Ronald Vermeer, Koos Vorstenbos and Marcel Reijman

              Congratulations to all of you!


At 5.00 pm the show came to an end. We received a lot of positive reactions and those really made our day! We are already looking forward to the next show, to be held at:

23 september 2017, again in De Basiliek

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See you next time!

Mirjam Nievers,
also on behalf of the Vintage Veenendaal team